Not feeling so hot right now.  The worst part, though, is I can't figure out why.  It's been hot here the past few days (it hit the nineties yesterday and today).  We got new windows put in yesterday, which required moving a lot of furniture, which brought up a lot of dust, which has made my allergies go batshit.  And on top of that, my Dermatologist put me on new meds, since the Minocyclene wasn't really doing the job, and this new stuff (Bactrim), is a Sulfonamide, which can cause some pretty serious side effects, and a lot of people are allergic to it.  The worst part is, most of the people who have allergies don't show any signs of them until they've been on the meds for at least two weeks, which sucks.  I just have to take them for now and hope I don't break out in hives a few weeks from now.

I've got a lot of new music, mostly from random fanmixes people have posted.  I should upload some of my new favorites.

Evanna Lynch makes me love Luna Lovegood even more.  Her voice is so cute.  Having an Irish Luna is so perfect.
My cat is staring at me.  Not like regular staring, a death glare.  I really don't know why.  I keep telling her to stop, but it isn't working.

I'm sick again.  Stomach, migraines, body aches, general yuck.  My anxiety and paranoia are worse than ever.  Ugh.  I think it's a cabin fever-like reaction.

I miss high school.  I had unlimited access to my friends.  Now I feel like everyone's so unaccessible and  they're all too busy to talk to me or hang out with me.

On a better note, I might be getting a new car soon.  My current one has been giving me a lot of problems, with the wheels and the brakes, and now the AC's busted.

I have been watching House non-stop for the past forever.  No, I lied, I watched Family Guy yesterday, and I'm watching Will and Grace right now.  But I have been watching a whole bunch of House.  Basically I'm hoping that watching that much will get my creative juices flowing and might get me to start writing again.

Still sort of sick. But I can eat normally now so yay!
I think I might have strep throat now though. I just can't win.

Oh well.
So it's not the flu, it's a random stomach virus. I'm feeling about 95% better, but I'm still taking tomorrow to recoup fully. See all you G-town crazies on Thursday!
migraine + dehydration + stomachache + queasiness + fever + extreme sweatiness + fatigue + muscle cramps = one unhappy me.


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