Ellipsis (plural ellipses; from Greek ἔλλειψις 'omission') in printing and writing refers to the row of three full stops (… or . . . ) or asterisks (***) indicating an intentional omission. This punctuation mark is also called a suspension point, points of ellipsis, periods of ellipsis, or colloquially, dot-dot-dot. An ellipsis is sometimes used to indicate a pause in speech, an unfinished thought or, at the end of a sentence, a trailing off into silence (aposiopesis).
from Wikipedia, "Ellipsis"

You get that people? THREE DOTS. Not twelve.

Jesus. You don't just hold down the period button to your heart's content.
Not feeling so hot right now.  The worst part, though, is I can't figure out why.  It's been hot here the past few days (it hit the nineties yesterday and today).  We got new windows put in yesterday, which required moving a lot of furniture, which brought up a lot of dust, which has made my allergies go batshit.  And on top of that, my Dermatologist put me on new meds, since the Minocyclene wasn't really doing the job, and this new stuff (Bactrim), is a Sulfonamide, which can cause some pretty serious side effects, and a lot of people are allergic to it.  The worst part is, most of the people who have allergies don't show any signs of them until they've been on the meds for at least two weeks, which sucks.  I just have to take them for now and hope I don't break out in hives a few weeks from now.

I've got a lot of new music, mostly from random fanmixes people have posted.  I should upload some of my new favorites.

Evanna Lynch makes me love Luna Lovegood even more.  Her voice is so cute.  Having an Irish Luna is so perfect.


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