Ah, Halloween. The highlight of my year! I love the one day a year that I can dress up in a costume and not be considered a total weirdo. Wilson and I are going to a party at Susanne's in about an hour and a half. And no, I'm not in my costume yet. I should get on that (hurhur).

For those of you who hadn't found out yet, my dear Ruby, the 1994 Oldsmobile I've been driving since I got my permit at 16, gave out on me last week. So, as of today I have a new car- a white 2007 Impala. I love it.

Saw Zack & Miri Make A Porno this afternoon. It was a good movie, but really, really raunchy. Lots and lots of nudity, including full-frontal Mewes. I would not recommend seeing it if you have to go with a parent or someone who is easily offended at all. Very cringe-worthy.

Ok, gonna go get my costume on. Will be tweeting the night.
Saw Clerks 2 at noon, the first showing available in Millbury. Pretty sure there were only about four girls in the entire theater, which was pretty funny. Amazing movie, I must say. It was probably the only sequel I've even seen that made mention of the past without being the least bit cheezy. I am going to be seeing it again, probably a few times in the next few weeks, at least once with the commentary Kevin's supposed to be putting up on Monday.

I named my laptop. His name is Mark Cohen, Marky for short.
I have so much on my plate right now. My to do list (in no particular order):
-English book report
-Spanish book report
-Spanish project
-Bio project
-Bio test
-Bio homework
-Other homework
-Practice/learning lines for Crazy for You
-Practice/learning lines for one act
-College shit

The stress is getting to me, I have to admit, plus I'm still fucking sick, after months, even though it's just a little. I've resorted to odd methods to try and numb whatever this is that seems to be getting to me. So after today I've determined that taking Sudafed, Benadryl, and Tylenol at the same time is not a good thing. A lot of today is a bit of a haze already, and I guess I was acting a little odd today. Oh well. Sorry if I did anything stupid, I guess.

Oh, and I had to add this ).
It took me all of three seconds to do, but a few of you know what I mean by one comment. See, in Rent while they're on the subway singing "Santa Fe" there's this guy sitting there that looks just like my ex's dad. It's kinda creepy.
I had quite an eventful weekend, for me at least. Friday started out with practice, which I hadn’t gone to in about forever because of my part in the show. Fridays is supposed to be for going over the musical numbers that were blocked during the week, so I really wouldn’t have had to go otherwise, but we had to get measured for costumes, so I showed up. Mostly I just sat with Tim and Nathanael and talked, because they were there for the same reason I was. At one point, I made a reference to Brokeback Mountain, because of Tyler and Julia. Tyler got Mario’s part, due to extenuating circumstances that led to Mario’s having to leave the show. A lot of us were really happy about that.

After practice, I came home for about an hour, and then came back to school to meet up with some people from GSA. We got into two cars and headed to Westboro, where we saw Brokeback Mountain. I really liked it; I thought it was absolutely gorgeous. The set was out if this world, and the writing was really nice. The only real flaw I saw with it was the fact that half Heath Ledger’s lines were indecipherable, even for me. Someone needs to get that man some diction lessons!

Yesterday I woke up at eleven, much to the disliking of my fellow cast members, considering they all had to be at school for nine for practice (we had done all of my Act 1 scenes, so Meghan told me I didn’t have to go) with no voice. However, when Heather informed me of a party at her house that night, I just had to go. When I got there, she and Emily were making purses out of bras to sell for a breast cancer charity. I might buy one, since they were pretty cute, I have to admit. After they were done and more people started to show up, Fillers and I played with the hot glue gun. I stole an unused green strap and turned it into a cute little adjustable bracelet, which I’m still wearing. He glued things to his hand. That’s a little weird, but I’m not one to vouch for his motives. A lot of other random things went on, as per usual at these kinds of parties. At one point I colored two of my fingernails in with a Sharpie. I think it was supposed to be gold-colored, but it looked more like poo to me. Marissa bought a Jim Gaffigan DVD, so a few of us watched that. It was really funny. I don’t think I’ll ever think about Hot Pockets or cake the same way. Mostly we just stood in Heather’s kitchen eating pretzels and cake and hummus and listening to random mixes of music. I danced with pretty much everyone there. When I left, there were a bunch of people all crammed into Emily Bradford’s car doing God knows what. All I know is that they weren’t too busy to flash the lights at me and get my attention. Knowing the people I hang with, however, I’m pretty sure I’d rather not find out what they were doing in there.

In all, I made Tim “cry” seven times this weekend, including practice on Friday. I swear, that kid cries at least once daily, oftentimes for no reason at all. I have to admit that he’s very good at it, though. He can shed actual tears, and that’s hard to do on command.


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