I'm sitting in the student center at school at the moment, waiting for the guy with whom I'm working on a project to be finished with his classes for the day. We were supposed to meet up yesterday, but a communication error created by the WSC emails meant that his messages never got to me. I was done with my classes at 10:20, so I've been sitting in various places around the building since then, working on the two Powerpoint presentations I need to complete this week.

I feel so awkward sitting here. Before, I would have been hiding at a corner table, or even sitting in my car in the parking lot. I do still sit in my car sometimes (I've even napped in it instead of attending a Speech Disorders lecture one time), but I feel more comfortable with being in public in the past few months. I still get paranoid a lot, but doesn't everyone in situations like this?

God, I am so tired. I've already had one energy drink right after I got out of class, so having another one will probably cause me to have a panic attack, and I can't afford that right now. As soon as I find out if Matt wants to meet up, I can plan a nap into the rest of my day. Probably 3-6; just enough that I don't fall asleep at 10pm again like I did this weekend.

Positive note: I did get to see Maria a lot today. I should ask her if she wants to get together Thursday night and study for our Speech Disorders final on Friday morning.

I still have a half hour until Matt's out of class, so I'm gonna fool with Google Scholar and see if I can find more information on Treacher-Collins Syndrome as an etiology of hearing loss. Bleh.
Ok, editing this now, only a few minutes after posting.

Today was my Speech Science final, which I did end up having, but not without a bit of effort to get there. My car was an igloo, so I had to clear it off and everything. My trip went well, until I got to the end of 146, at which point I noticed I was losing a bit of control of the traction, and I couldn't stay in my lane. Then I just completely lost all control and skidded. Luckily the people behind me stopped in time to allow me a bit of space, so I managed to ease on the brakes and turn myself so I was stopped facing in the direction I needed to be. This is, of course, after sliding around so badly that I was actually bracing for impact with the concrete on BOTH sides of the road. But once I managed to stop, I was all set, and there were no problems from there.

That was pretty much the highlight of my day.

Oh, and I'm finished with the semester. I think it went very well.
I've finished Dreams From My Father and moved on to the BBC Radio version of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and I am loving it so far.

The effects of the ice storm are still being seen. Tomorrow's finals are cancelled, which means that now both make-up days are filled. And it's supposed to snow on Wednesday, when I have my Speech Science final. I have no idea what they're going to do if that gets cancelled, considering tomorrow's were moved to the 23rd.

House marathons make me happy though. Oh awesome, No Reason is on.
I have so much on my plate right now. My to do list (in no particular order):
-English book report
-Spanish book report
-Spanish project
-Bio project
-Bio test
-Bio homework
-Other homework
-Practice/learning lines for Crazy for You
-Practice/learning lines for one act
-College shit

The stress is getting to me, I have to admit, plus I'm still fucking sick, after months, even though it's just a little. I've resorted to odd methods to try and numb whatever this is that seems to be getting to me. So after today I've determined that taking Sudafed, Benadryl, and Tylenol at the same time is not a good thing. A lot of today is a bit of a haze already, and I guess I was acting a little odd today. Oh well. Sorry if I did anything stupid, I guess.

Oh, and I had to add this ).
It took me all of three seconds to do, but a few of you know what I mean by one comment. See, in Rent while they're on the subway singing "Santa Fe" there's this guy sitting there that looks just like my ex's dad. It's kinda creepy.


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