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House, Season 8 episode 22: "Swan Song"/ "Everybody Dies." This is the series finale.

This is a liveblog. This means I will be editing this post throughout the episode, as I find interesting things to comment on. It will be public for up to a few days after air.

DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to edit and/or delete anything you say. So don't be a moron.

8:01 Nice Van Dyke, RSL.

8:02 I see Hugh hasn't quit smoking.

8:04 Aww, hi Jen.

8:09 I know all these lines by heart.

8:18 Charlyne Yi was a great addition to the cast. I love Park.

8:20 "They can either read the words, or you can hit them with it."

8:25 Hahaha yes, the sword.

8:29 *raspberry noise* Huddy.

8:31 "House's Head"/"Wilson's Heart" was the best written set of episodes. Some of my favorite episodes.

8:38 My mother asked me why I'm watching this if I'm going to get so upset. I told her "because it's a big deal."

8:39 OMG. RSL's doggy jammies. Let me DIE.

8:42 I just... ugh. This is gonna be rough.

8:47 Ah yes, the pilot. Where everyone was orange.

8:49 Will never get enough of Hugh playing the piano.

8:56 They are playing paintball.
On the set.
In tuxedos.

I love this show.

9:00 Oh my god. Kutner.

9:03 Drug-seeking behavior. Isn't that how House's story began?


9:07 Oh god he's hallucinating vividly. This only happens when things are baaaaad.

9:09 Theory- he's faking his death. Druggie will be "him." It's a Reichenbach.

9:12 AMBER.

9:22 Ugh this is like all the best episodes combined. I love it.

9:23 Wilson's already dead at this point?

9:25 LOL House and his hookers.

9:27 Maybe the burning building's a metaphor for his personal hell?

9:30 Of course Wilson's chasing after him...

9:32 Stacy...

9:33 "I don't wanna lose this time with you."

9:34 Wilson, no.

9:36 What his life could have been.

9:38 Interesting. Cameron's the devil on his shoulder and not the angel for once.

9:40 I hope that the last hallucination is Wilson and he convinces him to live.

9:43 Ouch. I like evil!Cameron.

9:46 Deep.

9:47 Oh wow. Oh no.

9:51 The coroner may confirm it, but it's not him.

9:53 Way to go, Jimmy.


9:55 "I'm dead, Wilson. How do you want to spend your last five months?"

Final thoughts: Thank you, House. For everything.
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