Dec. 17th, 2008

Ok, editing this now, only a few minutes after posting.

Today was my Speech Science final, which I did end up having, but not without a bit of effort to get there. My car was an igloo, so I had to clear it off and everything. My trip went well, until I got to the end of 146, at which point I noticed I was losing a bit of control of the traction, and I couldn't stay in my lane. Then I just completely lost all control and skidded. Luckily the people behind me stopped in time to allow me a bit of space, so I managed to ease on the brakes and turn myself so I was stopped facing in the direction I needed to be. This is, of course, after sliding around so badly that I was actually bracing for impact with the concrete on BOTH sides of the road. But once I managed to stop, I was all set, and there were no problems from there.

That was pretty much the highlight of my day.

Oh, and I'm finished with the semester. I think it went very well.


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